Momenti di Vigna

I started to call this update “Momenti di Vigna” (Moments in the Vineyard), but now I’d like to branch out a bit and talk you about wine, vineyards, cooking and friends.

Federica Cagnotto

The collaboration with Federica continues! After the creation of the sign for organic vineyards and wines, she created the labels for the special edition our Barbera for the 80th birthday of Giorgio Conte, who is also a musician like his brother Paolo.

New Vineyard

The soil has been left to lie fallow for the last three years, after being fertilized with “green manure” (sown with a mix of plants that nourish and de-toxify the soil naturally and then are ploughed back into the soil). At the beginning of April 2021, we planted 4000 square meters of Pinot Noir for Alta Langa DOCG and 3000 square meters of Gamba Rossa for Calosso DOC Gamba di Pernice.

The latter is an old grape variety with thick skin and a characteristic spicy flavour; it is one of the smallest Italian DOCs. In the past, people placed these grapes in their haylofts to dry and they were eaten as a Christmas delicacy.

New Warehouse

We built a new climate-controlled warehouse in March where we can store 10,000 bottles set down at 16°C. The bottles are protected from temperature variations and can spend one year in the warehouse in optimal conditions before they are sold.

Something to eat…and drink

  • Octopus with potatoes and fried anchovies, best paired with Adele (an unusual blend of Nebbiolo, Barbera and Pinot Noir).
  • Barbecued St. Louis ribs, Fiorentina (T-bone steak) and grilled sausage, a perfect match for Barbera d’Asti 2017.



Serving suggestions

The last ten years gave us grapes with a lot of sugar and therefore wines with a higher percentage of alcohol. Normally, the rules for serving red wines recommend they are served at 18-20 °C, but in my experience 16 °C is better, considering the higher summer temperatures.

I am sure we will taste another wine together soon; wine is relaxation and conviviality…

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