Moscato Metodo classico "Doro"


% of grape / Cèpage: 100% Moscato bianco

Soil: chalky-clayey soil

Growing Climate / Vintage Conditions: continental

Date of Harvest: mid-September

Type of Harvest: by hands in small cases of 25 kg


The grapes are crashed end the juice with skins underdo the cryomaceration for 8-10 hours at 2-3 °C, after they are pressed softly. The must is fined lightly at 10 °C for several hours after it is raked-off.

Fermentation with selected yeast until 7% by alcohol

Temperature of fermentation: 14-16 °C

Length: 15 days

Malolactic fermentation: no

The temperature is lowed to 0° C to stop the alcoholic fermentation and the wine is filtered.

In November, the wine is bottled and it ferments in bottle with natural yeast slowly for 6 months until 9-10% by alcohol; it is left on the lees for 12 months.

Tasting notes

Light straw yellow.

Perlage fine and elegant, thyme and sage notes followed by a splash of flowers notes.

On the palate, there is a subtle combination of structure, length and vivacity.