In vineyard

I am pleased to share some moments spent in the vineyard and in the cellar in this very difficult first half of 2020.

The work that follows the cycle of nature does not stop and the vinegrowes are an integral part.

When nature is at rest, pruning begins. In the cold and enchanted landscape, the stability is evaluated 
of the plant in view of the next awakening.

In the cellar, the harvest of the recent wines are aging.

It’s time to celebrate Carnival at home with a Piedmontese dessert and a glass of Rosè Brut Adele.

As the weeks go by, the flowers start to bloom in the vineyard, the seeds sown at the beginning of autumn have covered the ground with a turf that will give new life to the vines.


March, nature awakens, followed by the wines, according to the lunar cycles; it is the right moment to draught Adele wine.

Seven years after the harvest an exclusive Barbera is produced, bottled only in Magnum, the "part. 242"; so called because this is the number that distinguishes the piece of land where the grapes with which it is produced are grown and only in particular vintages.

A larger bottle in which the wine can slowly blossom giving offering a perfume of freshness and life.

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