Adriano Grasso, vine-grower and winemaker

Cultivating vineyards and making wine is a job, but above all, it is a true passion.

The vineyard vines of past eras, with their forms, seem like they want to describe the past generations of my family who had taken care of them.
Now, updated vineyards have no longer this kind of life. Viticulture has changed, companies have grown, there has been an increase in mechanization and we’ve probably lost a part of a bond that tied us to our lands.

Respect and balance with nature, and with our territory is important for us and for generations to come.

My family has lived in Calosso since the mid-1800s, they have always been dedicated to viticulture and have always been a farming family. This territory, is one of the most beautiful in Piedmont.

A ridge that rises up to 400 meters and that divides the Langhe from Monferrato.
My farm is made on a human scale, about 6 hectares cultivating vines that have given their maximum expression: Barbera, Moscato, Gamba rossa and Nebbiolo.

The choice of not losing that deep bond that the winemakers have with the vineyard, is to follow the lunar phases during the process, to respect and care for the fertility of the soil and its biodiversity, so the commitment is to subscribe with an Organic Certification.

Harvesting is the most beautiful moment of the year, the fruits are harvested hoping that the expectations will be awarded. It is nice to see how from crushing and fermentation of the grapes you are able to obtain a wine that gives a sensation, which tells a story.

The wort ferments under the skin of the grape and slowly assimilates its color and scent. when my grandparents used to finish the fermentation they filled the tanks with the new wine still with the marc and they let it rest for two/three months in order to achieve a balance and an identity. I have the pleasure and the honor to continue in my grandparents footsteps.

Wines need to be tasted and understood.

They tell us when they should be
bottled, and when the moon and season is more favorable.

What I would like to do when tasting my wines, is to transmit a part of my history and love that I have for this land.